Cycle of Time



Sunrise and Sunset is Cycle of Time.

(c) ram H singhal


Cherry Blossom — The M2 Column

Parallel lines of cherry blossom trees, Exuding a fragrance bitter-sweet. Intertwined their petals and leaves, Above a serene suburban street. The speckled white flowers filled the sky, Breathtaking, surreal to the eye. I walked through the centre of the street, My heart filled with awe, skipped a beat. Pink & white petals gently descending like […]

Cherry Blossom — The M2 Column

Pamela Hansen

Jessica Pinner

With over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry, Pamela Hanson broke into fashion photography with intimate images and is now a world-renowned photographer whose work has been regularly featuredin: Vogue , Elle, Glamour, Porter, Harper’s Bazaar , Vanity Fair , GQ , CR Fashion Book, Lula, Violet, and Lady. Other clients include: Avon, Gillette, J. Crew, Madewell, Esprit, Triumph, Yahoo Style, Clairol, Victoria’s Secret, Rent the Runway, Violet Grey, Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times, Teen Vogue, and Reebok.

I was one of the few woman shooting fashion and shooting in a way that no one else was at the time. I think I established a relationship with the models that did not include any of the sexual stuff. It was and is a relationship of trust, because I am a girl myself and they can relate to me. We all respond differently to a woman and to a man…

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