Why do People Gamble ?

When you visit Goa as a tourist , out of curiosity you may buy a ticket , which includes your Dinner on the Deck of the floating Casino on the River in Panjim.

Many time I wonder , Why do people Gamble ? , When all players know the odds to win are slim compare to losing their pocket …… may be they are on a wealth or weight loss program .

“God does not play dice”,  ( It was addressed by Albert Einstein to Max Born (one of the fathers of Quantum Mechanics) in a letter that he wrote to Born in 1926. ) but people on earth And in Goa ( India ) do play Dice with ice in their Glasses to understand Quantum Jump in their fortune.

Water calorie is Zero and with Floating Casino people dreams of all the Zero in thier Jackpot but finally comes out some times as Hero but most of the times as Zero.

Zero or शून्यता ( Shoonyata which means Void and as well as a pharse for Enlightenment also ) May be people play with mind to experience NO MIND or Emptiness of Pocket Enlightenment .

For me spending almost 2 hours in the evening with a boat ride to the Casino was a food for thought with some Vegetarian Snacks on this floating boat of Fortunes with some fine tunes of Music on the Deck with my Life Partner .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal


Maze & Amaze

Life is a maze and everyone wants to be a maze runner , to find inner treasure of Happiness.

The simple key to come out of maze is Amaze . Fell fresh every moment with curosity like a child , just in that moment ….. to capture the Beauty all around with Amazement .

Live in the Mystry of Divine , Swim in the Pool of Gratitude , go and bow to the ocean , Feel Ordinary outside and Extra Ordinary inside being in Harmony with Nature .

To be with Nature is to be with yourself , to be with yourself is to be with oneself , to be with oneself is to be with Divine Itself. ( Quote from ” OWN ZERO ” ) .

Holiday in Goa was truly Holy days living with Beauty of Divine and listening to the Wind….. the Eternal Symphony .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

Spice Farm in Goa

While Travelling after staying in South Goa for 3 days to North Goa for a further stay of 4 days , Our Local driver suggested us to visit a Spice farm .

Spice farm Goa

The visit was value for time Tour on this farm State spread in All directions.

Vegetrain Lunch was Simple with one little Drink which is made from Cashew Nuts known as ” Feni ” after that we were escorted by a Female guide for an 45 Minutes tour enriching our knowledge about the spices we use most of the time in our Kitchen.

MY wife enquired about medicinal Properties along with aromatic use.

Visiting Spice farm is a gratitude to God , I remember a Quote ” God is in the Details ” . A Small piece of Black Pepper , Bettle Nut , Cardamom , Cinnamon and lemon Grass are all wonders of Nature .

Nature is Divine so is Time with your Life Partner .

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

Holidays in Goa 2019

A small Envelope from my Grand Son Yajvin gave us a one week of holidays with his Grand Mother and my life companion for last 44 years on my 69 Th Birthday on 24 November 2019 between 11th Dec to !8 th Dec 2019.

It was all Holy days in Absolute Nature and Hospitality from our Hotel Leela In South Goa and Double Tree Hilton , Panjim in North Goa . and Meeting many artist friends and witnessing an Art Festival. I will Share some pictures from this Beautiful Place ” GOA ” Love all.

Riverfront Leela Goa
View from our Room in Hilton.
Sunset In South Goa Leela

(c) ram H singhal