Pockets Of Hope

Heaven On Earth

When I heard our libraries were finally reopened, my heart soared! However, the library I normally frequent continued to be closed so I chose to visit another library nearby.

What a miserable experience! A sterile environment is what I unknowing walked into where plastic shields separated patrons from employees. I saw most of the employees standing behind the plastic shields as though viewing the patrons as potential communicable diseases. I felt no love, or light, only fear, and as quickly as possible I selected some books. At each self-checkout station were bottles of hand sanitizer which I elected not to use. Many contain cancer causing agents.

Twice I went to this library and twice no matter what books I chose, I could not focus my mind nor could I seem to connect to my joy of reading. None of the books held my interest. I despaired. It would appear that…

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2 thoughts on “Pockets Of Hope

    • you are a beautiful soul who understand world of words as well as beauty of nature . going through your post is listening a fine piece of music . lucky to find you on wordpress . love all. ram

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